Our Story

At Common Apparel, we create and sell skate and snowboard based clothing and goods. We pride ourselves on being a collective movement of friends who identify through skate, snow, film, photography and travel. This all started in 2010 as a high school marketing project and exploded from there. Started off by working out of a few basements, and selling our product at various events and local board shops around the US. We built up a strong and passionate Common community in Duluth. Our next big step was the move to Common Apparel's first downtown work space, where we had a lot more room to create. To engage and support locals and surrounding artists we hosted a few art shows. We soon realized the demand for this sort of community event was outgrowing the space we had. This lead us to our next venture. We said goodbye to our workspace above the local liquor store and commenced the journey that was "The Carter".

What started out as an old, dirty, and abandoned 7,000 square foot auto body shop, became something Duluth, MN had never seen before. An almost unbelievable giant skate co-op with Duluth's first Skate Bowl, event venue, briefly a recording studio, art studio, workshop for two companies, and much more surfaced with a few months worth of hard work. This was something that surprised most, located in an alley right in the center of downtown. We were able to host incredible events and make connections with so many incredible people and most importantly bring something to Duluth's skate community that was missing. With so much space, we were able to bring in 3rd Lairs generous donation and, with the help of Woody from Plywood Benders, build Duluth's first skate bowl right in house. After about a year and a half we were forced to move on. After complications with building codes, we had to move to move to a safer location, so we decided to keep it in the community and donate it to the skate park across the street at The Encounter youth center. It has been a crazy journey, but we wouldn't change it. All of the people we met along the way enabled us to get to where we are today. 

Proud and excited, we will be opening our new store and headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Keep a look out for us at 2480 University Ave W.